Sunday, 11 May 2014

Days 2 to 10. #100HappyDays

Top row (l-r)
Day 2: I haven’t had time to read in ages. I open up my book to find a lovely bookmark made for me by a year 5 pupil of mine. “Your a * Miss Sherwood”. 
Day 3: Two for Tuesday on pizzas at Dominos! Does this need explaining? 
Day 4: Spent the day filming a video with Paul :) I have the most fun in the world with him ^_^.

Middle row (l-r)
Day 5: I love my back being stroked, tickled, massaged – I’m so lucky to have someone who likes to do that for me ^_^. 
Day 6: Myself and Paul started a bit of a health kick today – this vegetable soup was delicious!
Day 7: Breaking out my exercise gear – very excited to get back into it.

Bottom row (l-r)
Day 8: Ready to run for the first time in about a year! I used to run all the time and I loved it – super excited to start back up! 
Day 9: I rarely wear my hair natural, but I love my curls :). 
Day 10: Today myself and Paul had a lovely day! A trip to the Good Apple café, followed by a visit to the museum ^_^.

To hear a little bit about this project, check out my post about it here.

Much love! 

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