Friday, 16 May 2014

Days 11 to 19. #100HappyDays

Top row (l-r)
Day 11: This one goes to show it really is the little things. I got given a £2 coin today with Charles Dickens on it. His face is made up of his book titles :). I thought it was super cool!
Day 12: Wiping things off your to-do list is always something to be happy about :).
Day 13: This morning I was having a bit of a bad one. Just as I was almost at uni, this song comes on. Welcome to Wherever you are by Bon Jovi. I remember sitting on a bus one day, hating my life, ready to just drop everything. Then this song came on, and it encouraged me to keep going and I’m so grateful I did. It was just perfect that this came on shuffle just when I needed it – once again! :)

Middle row (l-r)
Day 14: I love cooking! Made a lovely roast dinner for myself and Paul today, which we both very much enjoyed. Almost an hour to cook, about 15 minutes to devour – but oh so worth it!
Day 15: Nights in, just me, the boy, some candles and a movie. ^_^
Day 16: A treat every once in a while can do no harm right? White chocolate versions of things are the best! :D

Bottom Row (l-r)
Day 17: Okay…. Every twice in a while :P. What’s better than cookies and milk? Cookies and chocolate milk, of course! :D
Day 18: Nearly done with my last two assignments for the year :) Summer is fast approaching!
Day 19: Wahey! Today myself and two uni friends finished off creating an educational website aimed at key stage one children. I’m very proud of our hard work ^_^.

To hear a little bit about this project, check out my post about it here.

Have  a great weekend! 

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