Monday, 5 May 2014

April Favourites!

Hello Littl’uns!
I hope you’ve had a fantastic April! This year is going so quick! Time to look back at my favourites for last month…

Prada Candy, 30ml, £42.50 from Boots.
This has been my favourite perfume for a long time, but it is SUPER expensive so I never buy it myself. I was lucky enough to get some for Christmas from my Mum, but I’ve kinda been rationing it, until lately when I’ve figured I should probably just ENJOY IT. It’s hard to describe smells..but it’s kinda…sweet. Have a gander into your local boots and have a test! :)

So there’s been nothing new lately, but I did go home for Easter where I spent lots of time watching my Disney collection ^_^. I particularly enjoyed rewatching Hunchback of Notre Dame. :)

Two originals, and two covers I found on YouTube this month:
Sublime – Marge London: Clickyy.
All I Ask – Natalie Holmes: Clickyy.
La Vie En Rose – Doddleoddle: Clickyy.
Smells Like Teen Spirit – Daniela Andrade: Clickyy.

I started this project called 100 Happy Days (Check out this blog post) – and I’ve been loving it! It’s really helped me to pick out the little things each day that make life worth living ^_^.


It was my cousins hen do over April, and I had the most delicious cream tea! Mmmm scones and jam ^_^.


I'm a very happy lady after this month because my boy moved up! Originally he lived on the other side of the country so a relationship was kinda difficult, but I am LOVING having him close enough to spend lots of time with :).

Lots of love,

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