Friday, 30 May 2014


Hello everyone!
So today I made a video on my inability to take compliments (which you can see at the end of this post ^_^).
I feel that for me this is a major personality flaw. Not only does it devalidate the opinion of the person giving the compliment, but it is unhealthy for me to not be able to accept that there is any good in me. So today I thought I’d compile a bit of a step by step to accepting a compliment to remind myself how it’s done.

Step 1
Say thank you. Compliments can be difficult for people to give, so it is nice to let that person know that it has not gone unnoticed and you appreciate it.

Step 2
Be specific. To really let the person know their compliment has been heard, respond to it directly. Maybe add in a  “I actually worked really hard on that” or a “I bought it last year” after the thanks. Obviously, don’t lie, but it’s nice to make the person giving the compliment feel like they’ve really got it right.

Step 3
Return the compliment. Not in a “Oh no, your hair is much nicer than mine!” way but in a “Thank you, I really appreciate that, your hair always looks lovely” way. This way not only are you being nice by complimenting another, you’re also shifting focus back off yourself if you’re feeling uncomfortable like I often do.

Step 4
Smile. Compliments are meant to make you feel good! You shouldn’t feel bad for feeling good. Smile and let your happiness show!

It sounds so simple right? Right!
It should be simple, and I am going to try my hardest to stick to it.

I hope you’re all having great days!
Lots of love,

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Days 11 to 19. #100HappyDays

Top row (l-r)
Day 11: This one goes to show it really is the little things. I got given a £2 coin today with Charles Dickens on it. His face is made up of his book titles :). I thought it was super cool!
Day 12: Wiping things off your to-do list is always something to be happy about :).
Day 13: This morning I was having a bit of a bad one. Just as I was almost at uni, this song comes on. Welcome to Wherever you are by Bon Jovi. I remember sitting on a bus one day, hating my life, ready to just drop everything. Then this song came on, and it encouraged me to keep going and I’m so grateful I did. It was just perfect that this came on shuffle just when I needed it – once again! :)

Middle row (l-r)
Day 14: I love cooking! Made a lovely roast dinner for myself and Paul today, which we both very much enjoyed. Almost an hour to cook, about 15 minutes to devour – but oh so worth it!
Day 15: Nights in, just me, the boy, some candles and a movie. ^_^
Day 16: A treat every once in a while can do no harm right? White chocolate versions of things are the best! :D

Bottom Row (l-r)
Day 17: Okay…. Every twice in a while :P. What’s better than cookies and milk? Cookies and chocolate milk, of course! :D
Day 18: Nearly done with my last two assignments for the year :) Summer is fast approaching!
Day 19: Wahey! Today myself and two uni friends finished off creating an educational website aimed at key stage one children. I’m very proud of our hard work ^_^.

To hear a little bit about this project, check out my post about it here.

Have  a great weekend! 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Days 2 to 10. #100HappyDays

Top row (l-r)
Day 2: I haven’t had time to read in ages. I open up my book to find a lovely bookmark made for me by a year 5 pupil of mine. “Your a * Miss Sherwood”. 
Day 3: Two for Tuesday on pizzas at Dominos! Does this need explaining? 
Day 4: Spent the day filming a video with Paul :) I have the most fun in the world with him ^_^.

Middle row (l-r)
Day 5: I love my back being stroked, tickled, massaged – I’m so lucky to have someone who likes to do that for me ^_^. 
Day 6: Myself and Paul started a bit of a health kick today – this vegetable soup was delicious!
Day 7: Breaking out my exercise gear – very excited to get back into it.

Bottom row (l-r)
Day 8: Ready to run for the first time in about a year! I used to run all the time and I loved it – super excited to start back up! 
Day 9: I rarely wear my hair natural, but I love my curls :). 
Day 10: Today myself and Paul had a lovely day! A trip to the Good Apple café, followed by a visit to the museum ^_^.

To hear a little bit about this project, check out my post about it here.

Much love! 

Monday, 5 May 2014

April Favourites!

Hello Littl’uns!
I hope you’ve had a fantastic April! This year is going so quick! Time to look back at my favourites for last month…

Prada Candy, 30ml, £42.50 from Boots.
This has been my favourite perfume for a long time, but it is SUPER expensive so I never buy it myself. I was lucky enough to get some for Christmas from my Mum, but I’ve kinda been rationing it, until lately when I’ve figured I should probably just ENJOY IT. It’s hard to describe smells..but it’s kinda…sweet. Have a gander into your local boots and have a test! :)

So there’s been nothing new lately, but I did go home for Easter where I spent lots of time watching my Disney collection ^_^. I particularly enjoyed rewatching Hunchback of Notre Dame. :)

Two originals, and two covers I found on YouTube this month:
Sublime – Marge London: Clickyy.
All I Ask – Natalie Holmes: Clickyy.
La Vie En Rose – Doddleoddle: Clickyy.
Smells Like Teen Spirit – Daniela Andrade: Clickyy.

I started this project called 100 Happy Days (Check out this blog post) – and I’ve been loving it! It’s really helped me to pick out the little things each day that make life worth living ^_^.


It was my cousins hen do over April, and I had the most delicious cream tea! Mmmm scones and jam ^_^.


I'm a very happy lady after this month because my boy moved up! Originally he lived on the other side of the country so a relationship was kinda difficult, but I am LOVING having him close enough to spend lots of time with :).

Lots of love,

p.s. check out my latest video here:

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