Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Final Stretch.

Hello Littl'uns!

I thought I'd write a little updatey post for you today. So this week I returned to university for my fourth and final year. For those of you who don't know already, I'm studying to be a teacher. I love it! It's hard work, and very demanding, but super rewarding. We only have two main modules this year which will require us to attend university lectures and they are learning beyond the classroom, and recent developments. I'm actually quite excited for both of them as they're going to be very useful for my career.

The next big module in university is of course... CURRICULUM INNOVATION. AH. This is, technically speaking, my dissertation. I've already decided what I'd like to write about and begun my reading over summer which I feel has put me in a good place. My proposal is due in a months time and I already have 900 words so I'm not doing too bad there. Basically what we have to do is choose an issue within primary teaching, and develop a resource to help with that issue (as well as an 8000 word dissertation of course..). So I have chosen to write about shy children and how to help develop their confidence. I'll be creating a teacher's guide, complete with advice and activities to help more reserved children reach their full potential. In my reading so far I have found a massive correlation between childhood shyness and later issues with social anxiety and language, so of course this issue is very close to my heart, and it is something I am very passionate about.

The final big module, which has no effect on my grading but is arguably more important, is my placement. We have ten weeks of block placement to complete this year, with at LEAST ten extra days to do in school. My first day as Miss Sherwood will be in two weeks time and right now, I have no idea of which school or year group I'll be teaching. Up until now, I've taught year 1, nursery and year 5 as well as having a couple days in other year groups and in a couple of SEN contexts. So you could say I've had a pretty broad experience so far, and I'm happy to teach any year group within the primary range at this point. I'm eager to find out where I'll be placed, and after my outstanding grading as Miss Sherwood teaching year 5 last year, I am hopeful for a great outcome on this placement too.

The next class I'll teach after this will be my own! Just one more year, 10 weeks of placement, 3 assignments, 1 dissertation, 2 exams (my first of which is next week, wish me luck! :)) and a bunch of scary interviews to go.

Lots of love, 


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