Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Fairy Tale Tag

So I have been a really bad blogger lately! Since coming back from Christmas holidays, university has been crazy, These last two months have flown and I can't believe it's March already!
I saw Hannah do the Fairy Tale tag on her blog and I just thought it was adorable! So I thought i'd give it a go myself. Here goes!

Snow White: Do you consider yourself beautiful?
No - not by convention anyway. Beauty is such an interesting concept. It means different things to different people, and even those with the same definition can perceive it in different ways. Beauty to me isn't physical, it's in the soul and I try to build on that every day. I'll never be beautiful in a physical way, but I'll be damned if I'm going to stop trying to make my soul as beautiful as it can be.

Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep at night?
Around five. I get carried away talking to people and end up sleep deprived. Because of this, I then end up taking naps in the day which leaves me awake at bed time to talk to people's an endless cycle..

Cinderella: Do you have a curfew?
Nope! The joys of living away from your parents!

Rapunzel: Do you love being outside?
In Summer - I love it! In the colder seasons I prefer to be wrapped up in a duvet inside though. :)

Red Riding Hood: Do you trust strangers easily?
I find myself a lot less trusting these days - which is a shame really! I shouldn't have to question the intentions of strangers, I should be able to know they are always good.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids: Are you easily fooled?
Hm, I think people think I'm a lot more gullible than I am. I tend to be able to see right through people, so no.
Beauty and the Beast: What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
We've touched on this a little already - it's in their soul. It's the way they look at life, the way they treat others, their dreams and goals.

The Little Mermaid: What would you sacrifice for love?
I think in love you should be willing to sacrifice anything but your own happiness. Love is important and it should be nurtured, but the second you are beginning to lose yourself - that is no longer healthy. You need to look out for yourself too.

The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting?
Bad manners, rude people, littering, spitting.

Jack and the Beanstalk: Do you have any plants?
Nope! I'd like a house full of nature one day though - that would be nice. :)

Puss in Boots: Do you have any pets?  If not, do you want them?
I do! I have always had pets and I can't imagine living in a house without them. The pets that I see most often are my three lovely kittykats - Charlie, Jasmine and Missi. I'd love to get a little kitten when I eventually get my own place after university! Or maybe a hamster. ^_^

Bluebeard: What is your weak point?
Oh I have many weaknesses. Worrying too much about the opinion of others, trying to people-please, Irish accents...

Pinocchio: What is your biggest wish?
That one day everyone in the world will be happy and safe.
It's a shame how farfetched that seems.

Peter Pan: What is your mental age?
I'm not sure exactly - but I think mentally I've been a lot older than I actually am since I was about 14. Yes I love acting silly, jumping on my bed and watching disney movies but I feel my attitudes and opinions are much more mature.

The Star Money: What is your most valuable possession?
In terms of money - my laptop.
In terms of sentimentality - probably my Nan's doll.

Gold Mary and Pitch Mary: Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
I'm a hard worker. I get lazy sometimes, as does everyone, but in general I work hard for what I want in life.

The Snow Queen: Who is your best friend?  What would you do for them?
They know who they are. I would do almost anything for them.

The Princess and the Pea: Are you sensitive?
Yes. More so than people realise. I'm too scared of what people think to let it show.

Godfather Death: What qualities make a good parent?
Understanding, Fair, Loving, Fun, Patient, Open minded, Uplifting.
A listener, Teacher, Enabler.
I could keep listing things forever, but all that really matters is that you keep your child safe, happy, and encourage them to be the best person they can be.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Do you like parties?
Sometimes - I have to be in the mood. I'm most definitely an introvert, and mixing that with my social anxiety, parties are often a no-go for me. On occasion though I push myself outside of my comfort zone and attend parties, which I often end up enjoying. :)

The Emperor's New Clothes: Do you care a lot about your clothing?
Not really. Fashion absolutely does not rule my life. Saying that - I do love getting a new top every now and again, makes me feel super confident for a short while. ^_^

The Brave Little Tailor: Do you consider yourself brave?
Yes. I can say for sure I am brave. I face fears almost every day. Little struggles - but they're big deals for me. There's room for improvement - but I am brave.

I really enjoyed doing this little tag! I'll definitely be looking out for tags like this in future, and if you fell like having a go yourself then please do and let me know! :)

Fairytales don't have to be fiction. You can make your life a fairytale too. 
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Kristi <3

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