Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December favourites!

Hello Littl’uns!
I feel like I haven’t done a favorites post in just SO long! So here it is, my very last favorites post for 2013!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte: Kate Moss: 113: £5.49
Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte: Kate Moss: 101: £5.49
I’m still super in love with the range of Rimmel lipsticks by Kate Moss! They’re just such a lovely creamy texture which is exactly what is needed for someone like me who is prone to dry lips – especially in Winter! These two colours in particular were ones I wore a lot in December because I was so busy teaching, they could just be put on in a hurry and they’re lovely and subtle. 113 is absolutely a ‘your lips - but better’ colour, whereas 101 is a gorgeous understated pinky shade.

Frozen. Frozen Frozen. Frozen. FROZEN. And a bit more Frozen!
It was heartwarming, funny, unpredictable and I absolutely adored it. The songs were particularly amazing. I can’t get Let it Go out of my head even now! Idina Menzel is pretty much perfection. Don’t just take my word for it though! Have a listen yourself here.

Well I’ve mostly been listening to a mixture of Ghost songs, Frozen songs and Christmas songs this month – but I’ll give you something different. Check these out, they’re incredible!
Bad Day - Chestersee: Clicky
Darling I Do – BriBry and Candice: Clicky
Here Without You – Tyler Ward and Madilyn Bailey: Clicky
Left The Broken – MusicalBethan: Clicky
Let it Be - Justinrobinett: Clicky

I joined Goodreads this month! You can rate books, and get recommendations from your friends, whilst you keep track of your own personal book desires. I’ve not had much of a chance to use it yet as all I’ve done this month is Christmas stuff and university work, but I really like it so far! You can find me over there under the username xxKristii. Alternatively – just click here.

Can’t go wrong with a lovely bit of Christmas Dinner now can we! I should know - I've had three this festive season!

Primark - £3 (Mens section!)
I love my new hat! These kind of hats never suit me, so I was surprised when I actually kind of liked it on me. It's a little Christmassy because of the colours, but in actual fact it just has a lovely Winter scene on it so it's still suitable to wear - hooray!

Lots of love,
P.s. If you're lacking motivation, why not check out my latest video? :)

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  1. Frozen, Frozen, all the Frozen! I saw it in the cinema a couple of weeks ago and it's just SO good :)

    I love Goodreads, such a great way to keep track of what you're reading and getting new book recommendations! I'm following you on there now :)

    Hannah's Haven

  2. I loved Frozen just so much!! :D I'll definitely need that one on DVD ^_^

    Aw thanks! I'll go over and follow you back ^_^


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