Monday, 16 June 2014

Days 20 to 28. #100HappyDays

Top row (l-r)
Day 20: Today was my very last session of extended mathematics! The picture on the left was taken on the way to it ^_^. On this journey, I found a fiver in my pocket I didn’t know was there – automatically knew the day would be great!
Day 21: It’s finally sunny enough in England to wear a dress out! I LOVE the sun and I LOVE dresses! :D
Day 22: I’ve been wanting a midi ring for ages. Today I picked up a pack of four from Primark for £1.50 (bargain!) – I adore them!

Middle row (l-r)
Day 23: I told myself I’d never play Minecraft. Today I broke that, and now I’m obsessed. But it’s so cute having a game Paul and I can curl up and play together 2 player ^_^.
Day 24: If there’s one thing that’s always made me happy, it’s the success of others. When that “other” just so happens to be the one man you care about the most, it just makes me even more happy. I’m so proud of this boy for all he has achieved today! :)
Day 25: When days are hectic, it’s just nice to kick back and relax with a lovely cuddle and your favourite man :).

Bottom Row (l-r)
Day 26: Today is deadline day! Three final hand ins and we’re ready for Summer to begin! :)
Day27: It'd be rude not to celebrate Summer with a pizza and a rockstar! I love this rockstar, it tastes like strawberry laces ^_^.
Day 28: I must have told so many people about this video now. It’s just SO funny. Check it out here.

To hear a little bit about this project, check out my post about it here.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you have a fantastic week.

All my love,

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